Breed Info

Cockapoo’s are a great mixture of the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. They’re loving, loyal, cuddly, fun and energetic dogs. Without doubt these dogs have a very endearing temperament. Clever and always aiming to please, these are friendly dogs that thrive on social interaction. I believe training classes are a must and most owners inform me that their Cockapoo’s are normally top of the class!

Cockapoo puppy on a wall
Children friendly

Cockapoo's are fantastic family companions and thrive on the hustle and bustle of family life. They live in harmony with all other animals if introduced correctly and love children. We strongly believe all Cockapoo's need a child in their life and all children need a Cockapoo!

Hate to be alone

Cockapoo's are sociable animals and need care and attention, they do not thrive in environments where they are left isolated for long periods of time. When choosing suitable owners for our pups this is something we take into serious consideration.

Not Guard Dogs!

Cockapoo's would rather wag a tail and wiggle at the anticipation of a possible intruder, so if looking for a guard dog the Cockapoo is not for you!


Adult Cockapoo's require at least one hours run on a field and two small walks per day. Regular daily exercise keeps the dog fit, healthy and mentally stimulated.