Puppy Availability

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*We have been blessed with a surprise litter of 4 puppies on the 06/06/2021. Ready for new homes around 3rd August 2021.
Please check out the news page for details.*

Reservation List – This list is for those who would like to be considered for one of our puppies, we would contact you once our guaranteed reservation list has been honoured. Contact is carried out in list order.

Guaranteed Reservation List –  This list is for those who have read through the website, spoken to us on the phone and been approved by ourselves as suitable owners of one our special puppies.

Once approved, a non returnable deposit of £500 is required to show commitment from both parties. Deposit is deductible from the agreed cost of the puppy.

Please note: Deposits are non refundable but we reserve the right to return the deposit at any point should we deem necessary.

Please bear in mind we devote hours to each and every puppy so the perfect home is essential.

We put a limit on the number of deposits we accept before a litter is born. This is set to 4. Once a litter is born, contact is carried out in order of when deposits were received.

We offer people who have placed deposits the option of choosing from a potential of two litters in a 12 month period, allowing them to choose the ideal puppy.

We cannot predict the colours & sexes the puppies will be before birth, so we advise potential buyers to be flexible with their desires.

As a guaranteed reservation list member you will get to view the litter by video call before members of the standard reservation list or general public have a chance to do so, allowing priority pick of the litter.